About ChicagoVideos.com

ChicagoVideos.com was created to provide a video blog and free online video sharing forum for users to view, post and obtain videos about Chicago. We hope visitors enjoy the creative talents of previous contributors and are encouraged to add their own vignettes of city life to ChicagoVideos.com.

The website started with about 40 Chicago neighborhood videos, but our goal is to expand the content to include all aspects of the Windy City and what it has to offer. Both professional and amateur videos are welcome and all videos can be embedded on other websites for free.

Our vision is for ChicagoVideos.com to become the ultimate video blog and online source for web videos about Chicago. See the action and feel the pulse of the city through and ever-growing collection of real life featurettes. Reveal your visual take on Chicago to the world and be a part of the city’s newest video sharing community.

The original Chicago Neighborhood Videos project was pioneered by Dream Town Realty. Dream Town wanted to showcase the many wonderfully distinctive parts of the city and expand people’s awareness of the diverse patchwork of neighborhoods and community culture that exists in Chicago. The company sent a professional video crew north, south, east and west to create snippets of real life in the Windy City. The initiative has won awards and paved the way for an even bigger opportunity to share Chicago’s best assets with the world.